Green Heart – it is at our heart

The first project of our Company in Hungary is Green Heart, a condo of 22 apartments just being built in Budapest 06, Szív utca .

Milestones passed

To our great pleasure, in April 2022 we signed a contract with the main contractor and since then, the one event follows the other. In May, the building site was prepared, the site of works surrounded and, with the ground broken, the construction has started: in June earthwork was completed, in July the gravel bed laid and the complete reinforced concrete floor of the cellar  made.

From now on: upwards!!!

The tower-crane was installed in August. It was a spectacular and impressive moment! The shutters and the steel rebars were delivered to the building site. Shuttering of the walls and pillars of the cellar, concreting of the structure and, then, shuttering of the wall sections ready followed, with the work broken into phases, and in September, the first ceiling was finally put in place.

In October, we reached again an important milestone: we moved from underground to overground construction works! The first storey of flats was accomplished and we are rocketing to the skies. After that, we are going higher and higher. In February 2023, we reached the highest point of the house, and at the moment, the concrete works for the base are in progress.

We are very happy that our dreams come true and take a material form in this building!

Follow our page! We shall post continuous updates so that you could also become part of the exciting process of construction. If you are interested in our apartments, you can find them here : AVORIS Hungary Kft.: Green Heart